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Racking Bay Protector - Single Bay Barrier

Racking Bay Protector - Single Bay Barrier

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Pallet Racking Barrier - 'Single'

* Super heavy duty powder coated steel

* Protects pallet racking frames from forklifts and other potential hazards

* Covers one pallet racking bay end

* 8 Dyna bolts for fixing to the floor included

* 800mm high x 910mm long

Although pallet racking frames are extremely solid and secure for the purpose of holding large amounts of weight, they can still be at risk of damage in the event of an accident.

Pallet racking barriers prevent any vehicle such as a forklift from causing any damage to your racking. A badly damaged frame could easily result in damaged stock and worse: serious injury or death.

This is why we personally use these barriers in our own warehouse.

Our pallet racking barriers are super heavy duty and come complete with 8 Dyna bolts which firmly fix it to the floor.