Pallet Racking Beams

Pallet Racking Beams for Sale
ISR Industrial Shelving and Racking beams consist of hollow profiles with beam end connectors welded to each end to connect with the uprights. Beam end connectors are available with 3 or 4 pins. Beams have an electrostatic epoxy powder coat (standard finish orange RAL 2004). Safety pins are also available to prevent the beams from unhooking.
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Pallet Racking for Sale Sydney

ISR Industrial Shelving and Racking offers two kinds of section profiles for the beam ─ interlock beam and box beam. Multiple bending points design upgrades the reinforcement to various sized beams, and at the same time, greatly reduced the deformation mechanical side-effect which used to behave on long materials. With the same weight load capability, different profiles will meet the demands in different markets and thus to meet client’s preference.
Beam connector
According to section size of beam, 3 or 4 holes hook can be chose to satisfy different capacity needs. Safety lock has been allocated on the connection, locking the beams firmly. Safety lock has been pre-installed at the factory which increases installation work efficiency and avoid safety issues without safety lock.
During the operation, in case the beam gets impacted by a forklift, as long as safety lock does not popup, the beam would be still stuck on the upright. So safety risks could be avoided.


Welcome to Industrial Shelving and Racking, where you'll explore creative solutions for industrial racking storage in Sydney and worldwide. ISR Pallet Racking Beams have been reviewed and approved to meet or exceed Australian Standards.
ISR Industrial Shelving and Racking deals in two types of beam profiles in Sydney: interlock beam and box beam. Different variants of the same weight load capacity would fulfil the needs in specific sectors and hence the client's requirement. We aim to improve the appearance and layout of your storage, all at the most competitive prices.
Pallet racking is a single or multi-level storage device that allows for heavy stacking of individual objects or palletized loads. Pallet rack systems are an essential part of any delivery, storage, or material handling service and offer quick access to storage materials.
A warehouse racking system is a storage solution that allows goods to be stacked in horizontal rows of several layers. These systems will assist you in properly managing and using your storage space, as well as sorting freight to streamline operations.
At ISR, our team of competent, seasoned experts is available to support you in developing a framework for your material - handling and storage equipment requirements. We provide fast delivery and high-quality installation. If you need any additional details, please do not hesitate to contact us.
A pallet rack beam is also called a cross beam and connects to pallet rack frames to form the shelf levels.
These are some benefits of pallet rack beam: 1- Steel construction supports heavy load 2- Saves floor space 3- Increases safety 4- Low maintenance 5- Numerous customized option
This factor depends on the size and density of a pallet rack typically a standard pallet racking can hold 15,000 to 18,000 lbs.
It is required to have a minimum clearance of 3 inches between two pallets or one pallet.
A selective pallet racking is the most commonly used pallet racking system because this allows users to select any pallet load from the pallet system without moving any other pallets.