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Racking Inspections

ISR Industrial Shelving and Racking provides pallet racking inspection services to clients ranging from small independent businesses to leading multi-site organisations in NSW and Australia wide.

Our independent tests are done strictly to Australian Standard AS4084-12

AS4084-12: Covers all static racking with the exception of drive in and drive through racking as well as cantilever and mobile racking.

Section 9.2 Inspections.

Inspections shall be carried out on a regular basis, and at least once every 12 months to:

  1. ensure the correct application and use of the equipment;
  2. ensure that safe working loads are adhered to;
  3. ensure that the racking installation has not been altered. A copy of the load application and configuration drawings shall be retained for this purpose
  4. examine the extent of damage due to impact in the racking installation;
  5. examine the out of plumb of the racking;
  6. examine for any dislocation and deformation of sections and connections for uprights and beams; and
  7. examine connectors for deformation or signs of cracking at the welds.

ISR Industrial Shelving and Racking recommends a minimum of 2 pallet racking inspections a year.